Finding Unexpected Solutions and Changing Industries

About the book

If you want to make a breakthrough innovation – this is how you get started… 

Unexpected Solutions rarely emerge from industrial applied research, and that is a shame because this is where the ‘next big thing’ is hidden. 

Taking offset in the assumption that relevant knowledge and technologies exists in the most unexpected places and contexts, we have devised a method – Radical Innovation Sprints – that can push new perspectives, ideas and technologies towards mature industries. 

A Radical Innovation Sprint is a fast and in-expensive method for identifying, screening, and testing ideas that could radically impact or disrupt existing technologies and practices. 

If you want to make a Radical Innovation Sprint yourself – this book has practical advice for you on how to do so. 

We will share our reasons and thoughts behind the development and our real life experiences from conducting five Radical Innovation Sprint cycles with more than 50 projects.